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    Skunk Removal Solutions

    Striped Skunk

    Striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) is considered by many people in city and Sub-division style living arrangements to be a disgusting beast and general pest of the wildlife community. This reputation is certainly undeserved. The striped skunk (mephitis mephitis) is actually a non-aggressive, shy animal that serves the beneficial purpose of insect and rodent control.

    The striped skunk is very aware of the respect it enjoys and will rarely run from a threat. Instead, when disturbed he will raise his bushy black and white tail, lower his head and assume an aiming position, and as a last resort, start spraying. The unlucky offender then becomes a victim of two narrow streams of yellowish fluid (n-butyl mercaptan) secreted from a double barreled nozzle in the skunk’s anal tract. The Striped skunk can accurately dispense this secretion at distances up to 10 feet and can shoot five or six spurts at the intruder. If the victim is hit in the eyes, temporary blindness will occur. A near miss by the striped skunk will cause nausea, gagging and vomiting.

    Although the Striped skunk is a member of the mink and weasel family, the Striped skunk is not nearly so sleek and agile as his close relatives. In fact, the skunks tiny head and robust body perched on his stubby legs give him an awkward appearance when walking and especially when trying to run.

    The adult Striped skunk may weigh from four to six pounds and has long, glistening black fur with a white band across the forehead that forks into two white stripes down the back. With the Striped Skunk Being a nocturnal creature, the Striped skunk spends the daylight hours resting, Usually in a cavity of a tree or under a porch or under the steps of a persons home, they venture out only after nightfall in search of companionship with other skunks and food.

    These nightly excursions rarely take the skunk more than a quarter of a mile from its den. Striped Skunks, like woodchucks, store layers of body fat prior to winter in order to sustain their hibernating bodies through the roughest of weather this is really prevalent in the North east . Sometimes as many as 14 Striped Skunks will invite themselves to share a woodchuck’s burrow (the woodchuck seals himself into a private chamber). During mild winter weather, the male skunk will venture outside to search for food, but the female does not leave the den on these mid-winter undertakings.

    Stripped Skunk Locations

    Striped skunks are distributed throughout the United States with the highest densities occurring Eastern Part of the United States. Striped Skunks prosper in a wide variety of habitat types including wetland, forest and agricultural edge. Skunks provide quite a visible example of the boom and bust phenomenon exhibited by many wildlife populations.

    Some years, the skunk population may reach up to 60 individuals per square mile. At that time, many road-killed skunks will litter our roadsides. Following these periodic highs, there is a tremendous crash brought about by disease outbreaks that may reduce the population to as low as two individuals per square mile.

    Striped Skunk Trapping

    Striped Skunks are considered a Fur bearer in many states and special seasons are outlined for their trapping. Striped Skunk harvest is controlled by trapping seasons and regulations. Occasional skunk sightings around neighborhoods should not be cause for alarm. When skunks take up residence around homes, mild harassment is usually effective in convincing them to move elsewhere.

    Other times this results in the animal spraying and a professional animal removal agent should be called to handle the problem. Striped Skunk removal professionals should have all license’ that are required by the state and should also carry insurance from a reputable insurance company. These documenst should be made available to you before they do any trapping work at your home! Sriped skunk removal is a very common problem that ishould be handled by a striped skuk removal professional with the right equipment, Striped skunk removal can go really wrong, really fast as the striped skunk is a very nervous animal.

    If a striped skunk sprays you, then the striped skunk removal professional has the right equipment to remove the odor.
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